Precompiled Ogg Vorbis Libraries for iOS

As well as the “All About Images” series of tutorials I have also been working on a series of tutorials explaining how to compile common open source packages for iOS. When I reviewed various forums it appeared that libogg and libvorbis seemed to be proving problematic to compile, so I decided that these libraries might be good candidates.

The compilation process was not trivial so it will take me some time to write up the tutorial on how to compile them, however it seemed to useful to release the compiled libraries themselves.


The libraries are compilations of libogg 1.3.0 and libvorbis 1.3.3 from They have been packaged as pseudo-frameworks, Ogg.framework and Vorbis.framework; the vorbis framework contains the combined contents of libvorbis.a, libvorbisenc.a and libvorbisfile.a. The frameworks are compiled for armv7 and i386.


The libraries have been tested on an iPad 1 running iOS 4.3, an iPad 3 running iOS 5.1, an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.0 and the simulator. Initial testing has focused on the decoder. The encoder has not been tested as yet.


The frameworks can be downloaded here:

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13 Responses to Precompiled Ogg Vorbis Libraries for iOS

  1. robisaks says:

    Do these libraries support video streaming as well?

  2. idz says:

    No, Vorbis is an audio format. I believe you would need to compile the Theora library to do video. I have not looked at doing that yet.

  3. skewsymmetry says:

    Please provide instructions on how to compile the libs.

    • idz says:

      As I mentioned in the article, I will do so as soon as I get adequate time to write up and explain all the steps. In the mean time I may be able to give you some pointers if you are trying to do it your self. What have you tried? What errors are you seeing?

    • idz says:

      I’ve put three posts explaining how to compile libogg. I will get around to covering libvorbis soon. Compiling libvorbis reuses the same scripts as libogg, so you should be able to figure out get it working even before that.

  4. 80sguy says:

    This is a very useful post! Just wondering if you have had a chance to build these against armv7s for iphone 5/ios6?

  5. 80sguy says:

    do you have the xcode projects you used to create the above frameworks? would it be possible to get hold of them at all? ive been pulling my hair out trying to compile libogg and libvorbis for ios6 devices :(

    • idz says:

      I did it all via the command line, so unfortunately there are no Xcode projects. I am really hoping to post a description and cleaned up scripts by the end of this weekend.

  6. 80sguy says:

    brilliant! thanks very much for that, it will be very useful :)

    • idz says:

      First three posts explaining how to do this are up on the site now. They’re a bit rough in places but the most important information is there. Hope you find it useful.

  7. 80sguy says:

    that looks great, cheers!

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