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Tutorial: Building a Web Browser with UIWebView Revisited (Part 1)

By far the most popular tutorial series on this site has been the “Building a Web Browser with UIWebView” series. Over time, however, the tools and code presented have become outdated. Manual memory management has been replaced with Automatic Reference … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Playing Audio with AVAudioPlayer

The past few tutorials dealt with compiling the open source Ogg and Vorbis libraries. In the next few tutorials I will demonstrate how to play Ogg Vorbis files using these libraries. Before attempting to play an unsupported file format like … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Open Source on iOS (Part 4): Compiling libvorbis

This is the forth in a series of posts on building open source libraries for iOS. This tutorial uses the scripts and directory structure developed in the first three posts and applies them to compiling the libvorbis open source audio … Continue reading

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