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Swift Standard Libraries: Sequence and Collection Functions

In the last post in this series, I took at look at the protocols that Swift uses to define generators, sequences and collections. In this post I am going to present examples of using the Standard Library Functions that operate … Continue reading

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Hardware Review: OWC Aura Pro 480GB SSD Envoy Upgrade Kit for MacBook Air

I love my 11″ MacBook Air. But as a developer, its 120GB SSD has become an issue. With new versions of iOS, beta versions of Xcode and the various Apple programs that don’t play well with external hard drives (I … Continue reading

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Swift Standard Library: Generators, Sequences and Collections

A large part of the Swift Standard Library is concerned with Generators, Sequences and Collections and functions that operate on them, so it’s pretty important to have a good understanding of them. Generators A Generator is anything that conforms to … Continue reading

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