Precompiled FLAC Library for iOS

Continuing the series of precompiled audio compression libraries, tonight’s library is the Free Lossless Audio Codec. I compiled version 1.2.1 and am making the binaries available on GitHub. As soon as I get a spare moment I will document the process of compiling the library.


The library was compiled using Xcode 4.6.1 for the armv7, armv7s and i386 architectures.


The pseudo-framework FLAC.framework includes libFLAC.a and its header file. The library libFLAC++.a was omitted.


The decoder was tested on the iPhone simulator, running iOS 6.1, and on an iPhone 5, running iOS 6.0.1. The tests confirmed successful decoding; performance tests were not done.

The encoder has not been tested as yet.


The pseudo-framework may be obtained from GitHub: IDZPrecompiledFLAC

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A professional software engineer dabbling in iOS app development.
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2 Responses to Precompiled FLAC Library for iOS

  1. rakeem says:

    Thank you for the contribution and the insight on FLAC. I am been looking for a flac frame work for IOS and I was pointed to this blog post.

    My question is how do you use this frame work in your ios objective c project?
    I have to convert a wave file to flac.

    Sorry I an new to these libraries.

  2. sidan5 says:

    When would it be available for iPhone 5s (arm64)?

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